Casting Matt James on The Bachelor Is a Start—But There’s Still a Long Way to Go (Glamour)

Why It’s Sexist to Feel Bad for Selena Gomez After Bieber’s Engagement (Stylecaster)

‘PEN15’ Portrays Sexual Comedy in a Way That’s Usually Reserved for Men (Stylecaster)

Why Miley Cyrus’s Newest Era Might Be Her Most Authentic Yet (Stylecaster)

How This Season of ‘The Bachelor’ Highlights TV’s Virginity Problem (Stylecaster)

Why Are There So Many Cheesy Holiday Movies on TV Right Now? (Stylecaster)

Beck On ‘YOU’ Didn’t Need A “Good” Guy — She Needed Good Friends (Bustle)

The Disturbing Parallel Between Chuck Bass and Ed Westwick’s Recent Rape Allegations (Life & Style)

I Refuse to Let Mark Schwahn’s Sexual Harassment Allegations Diminish ‘One Tree Hill’ (In Touch)

Why Do Young Actresses Work With Woody Allen Despite His Rape Allegations? (In Touch)


I May Destroy You Is Even Better Than I Hoped It Would Be (Glamour)

It Took 4 Seasons For ’13 Reasons Why’ to Take Responsibility & Let Go of Hannah (Stylecaster)

7 Things ‘Katy Keane’ Gets Oh-So-Right About About Moving to NYC For The First Time (Stylecaster)

13 ‘Lover’ Lyrics That Prove Taylor Swift’s Songwriting Is Better Than Ever (Us Weekly)

Don’t give up on Riverdale season 3 (Fan Sided)

Shonda Rhimes’ New Show ‘For the People’ Is the Legal Drama We Didn’t Know We Needed (Closer)


Bebe Rexha on Loving Her Body—& Shutting Down Sexism (Stylecaster)

AnnaLynne McCord Shares How She Overcame Childhood Sexual Abuse (Us Weekly)

Alicia Silverstone Credits Veganism for Her 8-Year-Old Son Bear’s Good Behavior (Us Weekly)

Tiffani Thiessen Shows Us How She Decorates for The Holidays (Us Weekly)

Freddie Prinze Jr.: Inside My ‘Traditionless Thanksgiving’ With Sarah Michelle Gellar (Us Weekly)


Miley Cyrus, Kaitlynn Carter ‘Leaned on Each Other’ After Their Breakups (Us Weekly)

Queen Elizabeth Is ‘Impressed’ With How Duchess Meghan’s ‘Upped Her Game’ (Us Weekly)

Britney Spears’ Boyfriend Sam Asghari Tries to Keep Her ‘Levelheaded’ Amid Family Drama (Us Weekly)


19 Anti-Racist Movies and TV Shows You Can Stream Right Now (Glamour)

17 Best Pixar Movies to Watch at Any Age (Glamour)

37 Best Mystery Movies That Will Keep You Guessing Until the Very End (Glamour)

A Definitive List of the Most Memorable ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Episodes to Date (Closer)


When Your Friend’s Casual Racism Can No Longer Be Ignored (Stylecaster)

Still Standing: How My Mother’s Depression Made Me A Stronger Person (Elite Daily)

I’m 21-Years-Old and I’m in My First Relationship (Her Campus)


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