It’s nice to meet you.


I’m Paulina¬†– a content creator whose passion for storytelling drives everything I do.

After spending almost five years in media, I decided to make the jump to freelance writing and editing. On the weekends, you can catch me covering celebrity and pop culture news stories on During the week, I’m contributing to brands like Glamour, Stylecaster, The Washington Post’s women’s site, The Lily, and Bustle. I love covering pop culture and lifestyle (especially when they intersect with race, gender, and/or mental health).

In addition to editorial, I also have social media and audience engagement experience. I worked as an Associate Producer at Viacom, where I editorialized the hit TV show, Younger on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I engaged with the passionate fan base in order to create buzz around the Darren Star (Sex and the City creator) original series.

Ultimately, my passion for people and pop culture drives my professional aspirations, and I’m constantly hungry to learn more about the world around me.

Want to collaborate? Say hi at

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