It’s nice to meet you.


I’m Paulina Jayne – a content creator whose passion for storytelling drives everything I do.

I currently work as an Associate Editor at Us Weekly, where I write celebrity, entertainment and lifestyle articles. I also conduct interviews and contribute to the digital site.

Previously, I worked as an Associate Producer at Viacom, where I editorialized the hit TV show, Younger on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I also engaged with the passionate fan base in order to create buzz around the Darren Star original series.

Before this, I spent almost two years working for the entertainment brands Life & Style, In Touch and Closer. During my time there, I had the opportunity to write pieces like I Refuse to Let Mark Schwahn’s Sexual Harassment Allegations Diminish One Tree Hill and The Disturbing Parallel Between Chuck Bass and Ed Westwick’s Recent Rape Allegations which explore the intersection of TV and the #MeToo movement.

I also regularly contribute to websites like StyleCaster where I wrote Bebe Rexha on Loving Her Body—& Shutting Down Sexism after interviewing the star on her rucessful career in the entertainment industry. I enjoy this type of writing because it allows me to highlight relevant topics within pop culture in a fun and informative way.

My passion for people and pop culture drives my professional aspirations, and I’m constantly hungry to learn more about the world around me.

Let’s collaborate. Say hi at


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